imageMy second novel AFTER THE STORM has just come out and one reviewer described it as Marine Noir. I thought that was rather neat as it is about a couple who get on a small boat with two strangers who have offered to sail them to a paradise island. Their dream holiday turns into something much darker.

I started to write full time in May 2011 after years of working in film and television, including two stints at the British Film Institute. Film addict I may be but books have always come first for me since I read my way through the fiction shelves at the small library in Sheringham, my home town in Norfolk.

I went to university in North London and stayed on for thirty years becoming a season ticket holder at Tottenham Hotspur along the way. I now live in Brighton but get to London for all the Spurs home games, which is a source of frequent despair and occasional joy.

My publisher is Head of Zeus and my first novel is THE LIE OF YOU which had the rather intriguing tagline of: One woman’s fear is another woman’s weapon.

I very much value being a member of The Prime Writers, a warm and inclusive community of writers. I love to hear from readers and can be contacted at @janelythell on Twitter or Jane Lythell Author on Facebook.

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