News: Hop on a blog tour!


August is a busy month for publications here at The Prime Writers. And with every new book to hit the shelves, there’s a blog tour going on! Thursday 13th sees the launch of The Sisters by Claire Douglas, The Summer of Secrets by Sarah Jasmon, With A Friend Like You by Fanny Blake and the paperback of The Art of Baking Blind by Sarah Vaughan. Phew!

Blog tours are a great way of finding out about the book, the author and a whole bunch of book-related trivia. They also tend to involve beautiful posters. As you can see below, this lot are no exception.


sarah v blogtour







claire blogtour

Fanny Blake Blog Tour







The best way to keep up with the tour is to follow the writer on Twitter, because that’s where the links will be published. If you’ve missed a stop, don’t worry. Just follow the link to the blog in question and you can catch up at your leisure.

Sarah Jasmon can be found @sarahontheboat

Claire Douglas is @DougieClaire

Sarah Vaughan is @SVaughanAuthor

Fanny Blake is @FannyBlake1


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