BLOG: Where We Write

periscopeJust when you think you’ve got social media all figured out, along comes another app to push the boundaries a little further out. We hadn’t heard of Periscope until we were asked, as a group, to contribute to #WhereIWrite.

Started by Hachette, the project uses Twitter, YouTube and Periscope to bring an inside view of the spaces in which we write. “But Periscope?” I hear you shout. “What is it?!”

It’s an app which, once you’ve downloaded it to your phone, allows you to film an event or a place or a happening, streaming it live to your Twitter-feed. It’s available there to view for a short time before becoming inactive. But, as in this case, it can then be uploaded to YouTube for posterity.

Follow this link to the website where you can go on a guided tour of writers’ writing spaces, including those of Prime Writers Cal Moriarty, Fionnuala Kearney, Antonia Honeywell, Jonathan Gibbs, Jane Lythell and Sarah Jasmon.



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