Tim Finch & the Refugee Crisis

9780224097727In light of recent debates in the Houses of Parliament and the release of the newest Granta, focussing on the refugee crisis, Tim Finch talks about how our view on refugees is changing:
“Like other debut novelists, many of the prime writers draw on some aspect of their own experience in their first novel. That was certainly true in my case as my novel The House of Journalists sprung directly from my time working for the Refugee Council and with other refugee organisations – while transmogrifying along the way, I hasten to add. As is the way of these things, when the novel was published in 2013 refugees were not quite the issue they had been a few years previously. The focus had moved on to East European migrants. But of course in the last few weeks we’ve seen the ‘refugee crisis’ unfold in Europe with hundreds of thousands of refugees (and other migrants) on the move and terrible tragedies on land and sea. Public sentiment has been stirred in a way that hasn’t been seen for decades and writers have been prominent among those responding – think for example of Patrick Ness’s amazing fundraising initiative. Recent events have led to me being asked to write pieces on different aspects of the crisis. The two linked here reflect my different interests in this endlessly fascinating, agonising issue, the first – from the Guardian – focussing on the policy dilemmas and the second – from Granta
– being a simple human response.”


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