Jason Hewitt: A Road Less Travelled

jason-IMG_2552 1200 pixels“Over the last few weeks the world has watched horrified as the continuing plight of refugees fleeing war-torn Syria has been broadcast across our screens… The media is rife with comparisons to the end of the Second World War. But are these comparisons justifiable and, if they are, can any lessons be learnt from the past as, once again, the international community faces another humanitarian crisis?”  Linked here are two contrasting posts by Jason Hewitt, author of World War Two novels The Dynamite Room and Devastation Road.
DEVASTATION RD NV 14.5 (1)In the first, he gives passionate context to the history of refugees and displaced persons in times of war, while his second, written for Bookanista, tells the story of his own journey, the same his protagonist Owen takes in Devastation Road, travelling across Europe. It was a journey that helped him to not only plot the novel and find its locations, but to also discover, en route, the psychological impact that such a journey has on his characters.  In a novel described by Alex Preston as ‘the most moving and gripping novel I’ve read in a long while’ Jason found that his research trip along Owen’s route threw up its own drama, as well as one or two surprises.


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