Kerry Hadley & The Black Country

The Black Country cover with both quotes“Maddie and Harry: she’s an estate agent, he’s a teacher. They’ll say they live in the Black Country. They’ll say how they met Jonathan Cotard, explain how they later argued, had a car accident, thought they’d killed someone. Thought they had. And as they search for a truth, they’ll tell us their secrets, their mistakes…. The Black Country.  For Maddie and Harry, it’s darker than it should be.”
Kerry HadleyWishing a very happy publication day to Kerry Hadley, whose debut novel with Salt is out this morning!  It has been described as “obliquely yet menacingly told, increasingly horrific, and full of humour as dark as its title,” (M John Harrison), while Salt stablemate Alison Moore, author of Booker-nominated The Lighthouse said, The Black Country “begs to be read in one go.”   For more, here’s a link to a recent article in the Stourbridge News.  To see Kerry in action, why not pop along to Bad Language, the live lit & open mic night in Manchester, 30 September?  Looking for your next “Gone Girl” fix – I think we might have found it.  Congratulations, Kerry!


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