The Self-Critique Group

writerWhile talking about “what made a difference” to our writing, most every writer cited a self-critique group as the single thing that provided the most help and support on their road to getting published.  What is it – and how do you find one?  For great advice from Claire Fuller, Martine Bailey, Jason Hewitt and Melissa Bailey, read more… 


One thought on “The Self-Critique Group

  1. With only the smallest writing group in Wales to offer as an example of support & critique, my experience is minuscule. That said, to me it’s huge. Meeting my sister writer & creating Writing Group 2 (WG2) with her has transformed my process. We feed one another – literally over lunch & mentally via authentic sharing, listening, observation & total support. We turn one another’s inner critique inside out & every week, go home inspired to do the work. I know I’m a better writer because of it. You can’t put a value on it – support & self-critique are probably the most important elements in improving our writing.


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