Author Events: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Author events can be nerve-racking affairs. Will anyone show? What if it’s just one person, and it turns out they’ve mistaken the date for a talk about dahlias? What if they stay but you run out of things to say and end up sitting in awkward silence for the whole time? The truth is that we’re all likely to have both barren disasters which make you question your place in the universe and lively sessions leaving you buoyed up with love for your fellow human beings. And even the dodgy ones have their place. A well-angled photo can make it look as if you’re giving the event of the century, and nobody on social media is going to demand a register.

Sarah Jasmon thought it would be interesting to ask her fellow Prime Writers about their experiences, and you can discover what she found out here.



2 thoughts on “Author Events: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  1. Really interesting article. I’ve often been at book festival events where there have been two authors, one of whom was clearly better known than the other. At the signings afterwards, I felt awful for the one with a significantly smaller queue.


  2. Oh, thank you. THANK YOU. My first novel launches on February 2 and I have launch week events lined up at bookstores in a city where I haven’t lived in three years. I just don’t have the networks of support there anymore and I’m terrified no one will show. Reading this brought me out of my state of tizziness- the worst that can happen is that no one will show. Really. That’s all. Of all the things I need to worry about as a writer, a human being, empty rows of chairs for this first time out are at the bottom of my list-or should be. Perspective. Thank you for helping me find mine again.


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