Advent Calendar – December 14th

Time to open another window on the Literary Advent Calendar and today’s choice is by Alison Layland, author of Someone Else’s Conflict.


Alison has chosen Riddley Walker by Russell Hoban.

Alison says: ‘Riddley Walker is set in Kent several hundred years after a nuclear holocaust has destroyed civilisation. People live in primitive communities, trying to regain the knowledge they have lost. The language – a broken-down yet incredibly expressive version of the English they would have spoken – is a unique and evocative feature of the novel, sparkling with wit and wordplay, from the names to the way half-remembered science is woven into legends and stories. Even the traditional Punch and Judy show takes on a whole new depth and meaning. Full of dark humour, Russell Hoban’s novel conveys a bleak vision leavened with hope and humanity. I have revisited this amazing book many times, immersing myself in its world and bringing something new back every time.’

Alison Layland

Alison Layland


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