Advent Calendar – December 20th

A tale of the power of the imagination lies behind the window of the Literary Advent Calendar today, chosen by Sarah Todd Taylor, author of Arthur and Me.


Sarah has chosen Miss Hargreaves by Frank Baker.

Sarah says: ‘I discovered the wonderful Miss Hargreaves when working my way through the reprinted Bloomsbury classics series. Norman Huntley is an inveterate liar, but from childhood he has found that his lies come true, and in ways that always cause him trouble. When he invents an eccentric 83 year old called Miss Hargreaves to play a joke on his parents, she turns up the next day on his doorstep, complete with cockatoo and bath. Miss Hargreaves starts out funny as Norman tells more and more lies to explain why he now has an elderly lady living with him, but the humour becomes tinged with pathos as he realises that Miss Hargreaves has no existence outside of his lies, and the pain and confusion this causes his creation. Miss Hargreaves is a beautiful book about the power of the imagination and the often painful and deep relationship that the creator of a character has with their creation. ‘

Sarah Todd Taylor2


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