Our Daily Writing Resolutions – 8th January 2016

The Prime Writers’ Daily Writing Resolutions: each day in January we are featuring a real writing goal that one of the Prime Writers is working on this year.

2016 tPW procrastinating-3-636x310

Today’s resolution is from Rachael Lucas, author of Sealed With A Kiss and Coming Up Roses:

‘My resolution is to find balance in my writing: five days a week, write something towards my current draft, and to prioritise my writing – which is my day job, after all – over all the other things which sneak in as a result of working from home. Words first, sudden overwhelming urge to clean the bathrooms later. And to get back to my daily meditation practice. Ommm.’

Rachael Lucas



One thought on “Our Daily Writing Resolutions – 8th January 2016

  1. Like many people, I meditate sporadically, often thinking that I should (oh, evil word) make it a daily practice. I wonder how writers meditate, how mediation is linked to writing, if it’s done intentionally to get into a space for writing or, even more specifically, to connect with characters, or for general well-being.

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