Our Daily Writing Resolutions – 10th January 2016

The Prime Writers’ Daily Writing Resolutions: each day in January we are featuring a real writing goal that one of the Prime Writers is working on this year.


Today’s resolution is from Alison Layland, author of Someone Else’s Conflict:

‘I intend to make going for a walk part of my writing techniques. Not only is the fresh air and exercise good for my health, I also find walking can help me get things in perspective, untangle difficult plot situations, get to know my characters better in my head, and sometimes have flashes of inspiration, whether from breaking the routine and getting away from the desk or from (apparently irreleveant) things I might see along the way. So unless the weather is absolutely atrocious – after all, a resolution has to be something you can realistically envisage sticking to! – I’ll be off for a walk, even if only a short one, every day instead of just occasionally.’

Alison Layland

Alison Layland



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