Our Daily Writing Resolutions – 21st January 2016

The Prime Writers’ Daily Writing Resolutions: each day in January we are featuring a real writing goal that one of the Prime Writers is working on this year.

computer desk and bookshelves

Today’s resolution is from Andrea Bennett, author of Galina Petrovna’s Three-Legged Dog Story:

1. To cease to use the words ‘softly’ and ‘slightly’ entirely and curb my penchant for adverbs – it will save a heck of a lot of editing time.

2. To regularly read (and finish) books that I would usually dismiss as ‘not for me’. I have realised that I’ve got quite a closed mind when it comes to what sort of fiction I habitually choose.

3. To use social media for fun, communication and education but not let it undermine my confidence (or use up entire mornings). Who cares who is saying what about whatever anyhow?

Andrea Bennett

Andrea Bennett


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