A Kind of Library

The Prime Writers are celebrating National Libraries Day by sharing some of their personal favourite libraries. Here, Rebecca Mascull and Kerry Drewery talk about theirs.

Rebecca Mascull, author of Song of the Sea Maid and The Visitors, shares a local treasure:

IMG_20160202_160424070_HDRMy favourite library is the brand new Scartho Community Library run by Gill and Lynn. We go there every week for a cuppa and orange squash, get out books, buy knick-knacks from the craft table, play cards or a little go on the piano, and have a nice chat. It used to be one of our favourite local libraries, before most of them closed down. But now some kind local volunteers have opened it up again and luckily, they’ve done a smashing job and we love it.

Kerry Drewery, author of A Dream of Lights and A Brighter Fear, has a favourite close by:

I used to be a Book Start Co-ordinator for Book Trust (promoting literacy and libraries for pre-schoolers) and I used to run groups in Cleethorpes library (Rebecca Mascull used to come with her daughter).hearts

We used to have a ball doing crafty stuff, reading and singing, and it was especially great to see other parents meeting each other and starting friendships. The library itself had the most amazing outdoor area for the kids to play in.



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