A Kind of Library

Lissa Evans, author of Crooked Heart, recalls how Lichfield Library became a home from home in a strange new place:

When I was nine, my family moved from a village in Surrey, to Lichfield, in Staffordshire.    It was a huge change, and for me, not a happy one; I had no friends, a new school, a weird accent and a posh name (Felicity). There was, however, one compensation: our new house was a five minute walk from the city library. It was well-stocked and welcoming – a lovely old building, with a large new extension.

lichfield library

Reader, I Moved In. If a forensic team had ever investigated, they would have found my fingerprints on 90% of the volumes. I’d try anything once; I regarded the contents as a giant pic’n’mix selection and would come home with two novels, a book on astronomy, an anthology of film reviews and a copy of  ‘Asterix in Britain’. It supplied me with a lifetime of random knowledge and a head full of stories…


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