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Rebecca Mascull, author of Song of the  Sea Maid

I’m delighted to say that today the paperback for my second novel Song of the Sea Maid comes out. To celebrate, here’s a bit of an intro to the book, with lots of Prime Writer thoughts along the way.

Here’s the blurb to start you off:

An orphan in a Home for the Destitute

dreams of being a scientist.

But this is the 18th Century …

and she is a little girl.

‘They have given me a taste of the world beyond my fence. And I will have more of it, mark my words.’ 

As a child living on the streets of London, then in an orphanage, Dawnay Price grows up determined not to let her background stand in the way of her ambitions.

In an era when women rarely travel alone, especially for scientific study, Dawnay sets sail aboard The Prospect to the beautiful Iberian Peninsula.

Amid rumours of mermaids in the sparkling waters, she makes some unexpected discoveries, including what it means to fall in love.

Having fought hard against convention, Dawnay is determined to put her career above all else. Yet as war approaches she finds herself divided by feelings she cannot control.

Told in Dawnay’s words, from the author of THE VISITORS, this is an unforgettable story about what it takes to achieve your dreams, even when they seem impossible.

Author Louisa Treger (THE LODGER) wrote:  The fascinating premise of Song of the Sea Maid, in Mascull’s own words, is this: ‘What if a poor woman made an important scientific discovery in ages past? Would this idea be heard or remembered?’…Mascull writes beautifully. Perhaps the thing I love most about her books is her utterly original, intelligent and uncompromising protagonists.’

Here’s what some other Prime Writers thought of the book:

‘An original and uplifting novel that beautifully captures a young woman’s determination to succeed.’S D Sykes (THE BUTCHER BIRD)

‘I just loved this book…The ending genuinely made me cry!’Beth Miller (THEGOOD NEIGHBOUR)

‘Dawnay Price – foundling, scientist, feminist –  is a wondrous character and I was on the edge of my seat following her fortunes.’Louise Walters (MRS SINCLAIR’S SUITCASE)

The paperback has a brand-new cover design – which I love! – which has drawn a lot of comment from readers and authors alike. Here’s what some Prime Writers had to say about it:

 Antonia Honeywell (THE SHIP):

I love the way she’s looking away from the reader to the horizon, and the contrast between her lovely though constricting silk dress and the wild, rocky vantage point she’s chosen.


It speaks to me of yearning, of longing. But also you have no idea of whether she is expecting someone…or whether she’s in despair, searching for someone who might not come…Her dress is beautiful, as are the colours. And I love the typeface they’ve used for your name!

Martine Bailey (THE PENNY HEART):

The contrasts are well represented: we see Dawnay’s mind at the centre of the page and the story, at the heart of the nautilus shell that fascinates her. She looks out to sea as she searches for the answers to the scientific questions she is working on.

So, there you have it. I’m so glad to share the paperback with you all. I hope the seas are set fair for Dawnay’s further journeys out into the world. If you read the book, share your thoughts about it here on the Prime Writers website by commenting below. And thanks for reading!

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