Making the Leap: Leap into Self-Publishing

With that extra day in February reminding us that this is a Leap Year, we’ll be talking about leaps we’ve made on our publishing journey.

Today, Kerry Fisher talks about making the leap into self publishing. Find out how it gave her the start she needed by reading more hereIMG_1917



6 thoughts on “Making the Leap: Leap into Self-Publishing

  1. Brilliant piece, Kerry, which I can really relate to. I think you’re spot on about believing in yourself, it’s all that matters really in the long run. Also, I take your point about earnings and the deafening silence on that subject! I think it may be a British thing… it’s too vulgar to discuss one’s income, dahling… But actually I think it’s useful for writers to talk about money. We don’t do it enough.


    • I do think authors are getting fed up with the lack of return for their writing, the sense (from everyone else) that we’re all so passionate about what we do that money is a mere frippery, a far-off consideration compared with the joy we get from our creative endeavours. Hopefully we will see a change in the not too distant future…x


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