Blog: The Seven Deadly Sins – Envy

In the latest of our series on the Seven Deadly Sins, Jane Corry provides a personal account of her brush with the Green Eyed Monster – Envy

Jane Corry

The Seven Deadly Sins: Envy


One thought on “Blog: The Seven Deadly Sins – Envy

  1. I can truly identify with this. Guess envy strikes when you feel you have been given the short end of the stick and someone else has been given what you wanted most.
    However, we forget that there are others who envy us too. Truly the grass is greener on other side!
    To ward off this demon I am developing the art of contentment and thankfulness for what I have.
    From your article I see that I need something else too – healing!
    Healing from a perceived hurt or just unforeseen circumstances plus time needed to rebuild, refocus and restructure ourselves is what I am learning afresh.
    Thanks for the insight!


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