Pheasants, Farmers, and Phalluses

Pheasant 04

Vanessa Lafaye (author of ‘Summertime’), takes us on a tour of some of the more unusual research methods used by members of the group. Read more

There’s something about September…

imagesThe leaves have yet to turn, but here we are, thinking about new pencil cases and books.  Have you got that Back to School feeling?  This month, we’re looking at all the things that make a difference to our writing lives.  First up, creative writing programmes – do they work?  Read more.


A Visit to Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival

Fiona Cummins

Fiona Cummins

Fiona Cummins visits Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival for the first time, and it’s nowhere near as scary as she expects. Read more.


A Prime Aim: Greater Diversity of +40 Writers

If you scroll down the list of Prime Writers you might be struck by the gender bias. But for once in the book world, it’s a bias in the right direction for those of us of a Shamsienbent.
finchTim Finch writes that the Prime Writers want to better reflect the diverse population.


Writer to Writer: Vanessa Lafay and Karin Salvalaggio in Conversation


Karin Salvalaggio

Karin Salvalaggio

Welcome to the second in our series of conversations between Prime Writers. This month, Vanessa Lafaye, author of SUMMERTIME (UNDER A DARK SUMMER SKY in the US) and Karin Salvalaggio, author of BURNT RIVER discuss the connections between their two books. Read more.


Fiction and Accuracy: How to get it right

SD Sykes

SD Sykes

SD Sykes, author of Plague Land, discusses where research sits in the creative process. Read more.


 Using Holiday Journals as Novel Source Material


Jane Lythell, author of After the Storm describes how she uses holiday journals as source material for her novels. Read more.


Four American Prime Writers Talk About From There to Here

To mark American Independence Day on July 4th, Christine Breen talks with fellow expats Karin Salvalaggio, Peggy Riley, and Vanessa Lafaye and living and writing there and here.  Read more

Happy July 4th



Christine Williams

Christine Williams

In April this year my debut novel, Her Name is Rose, was published in the U.S. It was a long time C Breen
coming. Two days earlier I had passed my 61st birthday here in the west of Ireland where I live. Between the jigs and the reels (and a few bouts of chemotherapy, but that’s another story) I made it to NY for one week to launch the novel in the largest Barnes & Nobel store I’d ever seen, and to do a library reading in my hometown of Katonah, NY. I went to celebrate, but also, because as I have yet to be offered a UK/Irish book contract, part of me feared I might not otherwise see my novel on a bookshop shelf. (That is, unless I go to Poland in the spring of 2016 when my novel is published there.).

Read more


Writer to Writer: Antonia Honeywell and Claire Fuller in Conversation

AH-098  Claire Fuller

Welcome to the first in a series of conversations between two of The Prime Writers. This month Antonia Honeywell, author of The Ship, and Claire Fuller, author of Our Endless Numbered Days, talk about the connections between their novels.

About The Ship: Financial crises and environmental disasters have brought the world into a state of collapse. A wealthy businessman, Michael Paul, buys a huge cruise ship and selects five hundred worthy people to live on it and form a society in which his daughter Lalla can grow up unafraid. They’re too grateful to ask many questions. But Lalla has never been hungry, or threatened with execution, and her doubts will not lie quiet.

About Our Endless Numbered Days: In 1976 Peggy Hillcoat is taken by her father, James to a remote European forest. There he tells her the rest of the world has disappeared. Peggy isn’t seen again for another nine years. Our Endless Numbered Days has recently been shortlisted for The Desmond Elliott Prize.

Antonia: Shall we start with our main characters? Both our novels are very much about fathers and daughters – tell me about James’ desire to take his daughter Peggy daughter out of the world – where did that come from for you?

Read more


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  1. I am a writer on my very prime. I have published my first and only novel Ishtar Coming published by (Xilibris)at 51. I think , a writer at prime age can offer a lot of life experience, having lived an interesting life and have mine of knowledge about life and people. I was lucky to grow up and visit exotic places for many readers. moreover, i am more confident to share my experience with others.
    Mahir Salih


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