Christine Breen

Christine Breen. Photograph by John Kelly.


Genre: commercial women’s fiction, literary fiction, family fiction

Publisher: St Martin’s Press

Online retailers:
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Publication date(s): St Martin’s Press: 14 April 2015, Polish edition by Świat Książki, Spring 2016, Turkish edition by Timas Publishing Group, 2016

Biography:  I’m an American living in Kiltumper in the west of Ireland with Irish novelist, Niall Williams. At various times I’ve been a houseplant doctor for Neiman Marcus, a copyeditor for ‘The American Journal of Medicine’, an administrator of writing workshops, founder of an artist cooperative where I sold my paintings, and a classical homeopath. Once upon a time, my children and Niall and I travelled around the world for 9 months. I wrote about it in a travel memoir, So Many Miles to Paradise.


Facebook page: Christine Breen | Facebook

Twitter handle: @cbreenwilliams

Instagram: @cbreeze

Location: Kiltumper, Co Clare, Ireland

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Writer Superpowers (specialist subjects): Publishing a debut at 60. As an adopted mother of two children I love to share my experiences. Recently diagnosed with colon cancer life has got a bit more intense but sharing hope and inspiration about coping with cancer has become a big part of my life. Gardening is my obsession and meditation. I design gardens and love to talk about them!

Other superpowers: How to live as an expat in rural Ireland. Homeopathy. Living with a novelist and how we manage to write at opposite sides of the kitchen table! Book clubs: As a facilitator of the Kiltumper Book Club for 8 years I have tips and many fun stories to share about how to run a book club.

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