To contact The Prime Writers group please email theprimewriters [@] and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, do visit our Writers page and contact any writer directly.


9 thoughts on “Contact

  1. What a brilliant idea. While I am not from the UK, I am a Prime Writer from America who didn’t publish fiction until I was 46 and my first novel at 53. I am getting ready to publish my 5th novel at the fully ripe age of 65.
    With admiration,

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  2. Maintaining the enthusiasm to write is tough at +40, especially when agism is thrown in my face so often. I try to ignore it, but some days just I can’t. I wonder how other +40s manage it? Especially if they haven’t as yet managed to get published.

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  3. Discovering Prime Writers has been both a joy and a relief. After decades of trying to be published and strongly suspecting that had I been twenty, blonde and living in London it would have happened, I finally achieved my ambition at the age of 67 when “House of Shadows” was published by Penkhull Press. There were moments, even then, when I was convinced that I was too old for success and now, thanks to you, I know that it is attitude not age that is the only barrier.

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  4. A splendid idea indeed. I am from Ireland, so unlikely to be able to be part of your group, but I too have suffered from ageism. My first three books, written when I was in my fifties, didn’t carry a pic of me and my agent told me this was quite usual. I have published 15 books including three POD. At 85, one can’t wait for publishers to take literally years to produce the book. In one case I waited more than two years and took my book back as it had gone out of contract.
    I would be interested in hearing stories from other writers caught in the age trap. I am a freelance journalist as well and would be pleased to offer you comments or longer pieces for your website.


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