Joanna Cannon

Book: The Trouble With Goats and Sheep

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Genre: Literary Fiction

Publisher: The Borough Press/HarperCollins

Publication date(s): January 2016 (UK HB The Borough Press); Summer 2016 (US HB Scribner/Simon & Schuster); Germany (Blanvalet); Italy (Corbaccio); Poland (Wydawnictwo Amber); Russia (AST); Spain (Grijalbo).

About:  Joanna Cannon graduated from Leicester Medical School and worked as a hospital doctor, before specialising in psychiatry. She was born and raised in the Peak District, where she continues to live with her family and her dog. Jo attended the York Festival of Writing in 2014, where she won the Friday Night Live competition and was subsequently offered representation by seven agents. THE TROUBLE WITH GOATS AND SHEEP is her first novel.


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Twitter handle: @joannacannon


Location: Derbyshire UK

Writer Superpowers (specialist subjects): I had an unusual road to publication, in that my novel was sold to HarperCollins as a partial manuscript. Also, following a competition win at York Festival of Writing, I was in the extremely fortunate (and slightly surreal) position of being able to choose between a number of agents.

I trained as a doctor and I specialise in psychiatry, so most of my first book was written at 4am before I went to work, in a wide variety of NHS car parks on my lunch break, and during a night shift on the very (very) rare occasions when all my patients were asleep at the same time – like most authors, I have experience of the battle between hours and words. I have also completed a creative writing course (Faber), and I took part in the Womentoring Project on Twitter (where I found my editor).

I am more than happy to talk, or write, about any of these experiences.


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