Kerry Drewery

Kerry Drewery

Kerry Drewery

Book title:       A Brighter Fear


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Genre:             Young Adult

Publisher:       HarperCollins Children’s

Pub date(s):    June 2012


Book title:       A Dream of Lights

DreamofLightscvr (1)


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Genre:             Young Adult

Publisher:       HarperCollins Children’s

Publication date(s):    Feb 2013

Biography:     When Kerry was young and couldn’t sleep at night her mum used to tell her to make up stories in her head about cute things like bunnies and rainbows.  Her love for making up stories followed (although bunnies and rainbows became boring very quickly), but she never thought writing was an attainable career and did lots of mundane jobs instead.  It wasn’t until shortly after her youngest son was born that she thought she’d take a chance.  Twelve years and lots of hard work later, she had a first class honour degree in Professional Writing, had worked for BookStart, been a finalist in a BBC Scriptwriting competition and finally her first novel – A Brighter Fear – was published.

She is also the co-coordinator of the UKYA Extravaganza events which bring readers, authors and bloggers together to celebrate UKYA talent.


Facebook page:

Twitter handle:  @KerryDrewery


Location: Lincolnshire

Writer Superpowers (specialist subjects): I’d be interested in school workshops and visits, visiting libraries and reading groups and speaking at festival whether on my own or on a panel event.  I’m a staunch advocate of encouraging children to read for pleasure as well as all things YA in particular the vast array of YA talent we have in the UK and would be interested in talking about either of these issues, or about writing for teenagers.  As my novels both involved much research I’d also be interested in discussing this.

See Work with Us for collaboration ideas




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