Kerry Fisher

Kerry Fisher

Book: The Island Escape

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Genre: Commercial Women’s Fiction

Publisher: Avon, Harper Collins

Publication date: Ebook and Paperback, May 2015

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Book: School Gate Survival Guide

The School Gate Survival Guide

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Genre: Commercial Women’s Fiction

Publisher: Avon, Harper Collins

Publication date(s): Ebook, July 2014; paperback, September 2014


I live in Surrey with a very tolerant husband, two teenagers and a naughty black Lab/Giant Schnauzer. I love cooking, languages (speak fluent Italian, French and Spanish and very partial to a bit of Latin), dancing, embarrassing my kids…starting to become properly middle-aged and get very excited by the joy a £1.50 packet of seeds brings. My USP as far as writing is concerned is to write funny, honest fiction about ordinary women.


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Twitter handle: @KerryFSwayne

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Location: Lower Kingswood, Surrey

Writer Superpowers (specialist subjects):

I was self-published, picked up by Avon (HarperCollins), now moved over to Bookouture. So I have experienced self-publishing, traditional publishing and digital only publishing. I speak fluent French, Italian and Spanish (so potentially interesting to foreign festivals). I’m passionate about keeping – or getting – kids reading and writing creatively – and have practised on my two teenagers. I could take part in panels relating to the pros and cons of traditional/self-publishing/women’s fiction/how to get published/how to find an agent and what to look for/top tips for aspiring authors etc. I’m used to doing radio, am comfortable with public speaking and I am approachable and enthusiastic – feedback from the York Festival of Writing where I’ve held How to Get Published workshops for the last two years suggests that aspiring authors find my workshops useful. And I feel very strongly that it’s such a tough industry, skewed in favour of publishers and if I can help aspiring authors leap a few obstacles then I will!

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