Louise Beech

Louise Beech
Book: How To Be Brave

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Genre: Contemporary/Historical/Women’s Fiction

Publisher: Orenda

Publication dates: ebook, July 2015; paperback and audiobook, September 2015

About: Louise remembers sitting in her father’s cross-legged lap while he tried to show her his guitar’s chords. He’s a musician. Her small fingers stumbled and gave up. She was three. His music sheets fascinated her – such strange language that translated into music. Her mother teaches languages – French and English – so her fluency with words fired Louise’s interest. She knew from being small that she wanted to write, to create, to make magic.

She loves all forms of writing. Her short stories have won the Glass Woman Prize, the Eric Hoffer Award for Prose, and the Aesthetica Creative Works competition, as well as shortlisting twice for the Bridport Prize and being published in a variety of UK magazines. Her first play, Afloat, was performed at Hull Truck Theatre in 2012. She also wrote a ten-year newspaper column for the Hull Daily Mail about being a parent, garnering love/hate criticism.

She is inspired by life, history, survival and love, and always has a story in her head. Her debut novel, How to be Brave, came from truth – when Louise’s daughter got Type 1 Diabetes she helped her cope by sharing her grandad’s real life sea survival story.  The book was picked as a Guardian Readers’ Choice 2015.

Website: www.orendabooks.co.uk

Twitter handle: @LouiseWriter

Location: Hessle, East Yorkshire

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Specialist subjects: My daughter has Type 1 diabetes – her diagnosis inspired How to be Brave – and so I’m a huge supporter of raising awareness of and money for this life-changing condition.  I’ve also volunteered with children in the care system, something that inspired book two, The Mountain in my Shoe.  I grew up with a mum who suffered immense mental health issues, and I lived with my grandma for a year while my mum was in the hospital after a serious suicide attempt.  So I have huge empathy for/experience of these issues.  My short stories have won numerous awards, and working in a theatre means I have a love of all things drama.