Dinah Jefferies

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Book title: The Tea Planter’s Wife

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Historical

Publisher: Penguin/Viking

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Pub date(s): Paperback Sept 3rd 2015 + international editions and several in translation.

Book title: The Silk Merchant’s Daughter

Genre: Women’s, Historical

Publisher: Penguin/Viking

Kindle Short form: http://amzn.to/1kDj2KW

Hardback Short form: http://amzn.to/1Hnlwrm

Pub date(s): UK edition Hardback & eBook February 25th 2016. Paperback and foreign editions to follow.

Book title: The Separation

Genre: Women’s, Historical

Publisher: Penguin/Viking

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Pub date(s): Paperback and eBook UK editions May 22nd  2014, plus international editions and in translation.


I was born in Malaysia and lived there until I was nearly nine – coming to live in England in the middle of winter was a shock! I love the East and, along with Sri Lanka, I’ve also been to Vietnam, where I researched my third novel, The Silk Merchant’s Daughter – out in February 2016. I’m thrilled that in the New Year I’ll be going to India to research the fourth book, especially as we’ve recently discovered my husband’s great grandmother was Indian. After living in a tiny medieval mountain village in Andalusia, Spain, for five years, I came back to the 21st Century, and now live in Gloucestershire. My life has been bitter-sweet: currently riding high with a Sunday Times Bestseller – but it was the sudden death of my fourteen year old son that changed everything, deeply influencing my writing. I came to writing late. Sixty is pretty late! But I love finding little slices of history to weave a story around. That’s what I did for The Tea Planter’s Wife and both my other novels, but the most exciting thing of all is when a new story is germinating. I just love it.

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Twitter: @DinahJefferies

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