Fanny Blake

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Book: What Women Want

What Women Want 2

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Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Harper

Publication date(s): April 2011


Book: Women of a Dangerous Age

Women of a Dangerous Age

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Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Orion

Publication date(s): April 2013


Book: The Secrets Women Keep

The Secrets Women Keep mmp

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Genre:  Fiction

Publisher: Orion

Publication date(s):   July 2013; May 2014


Book: With a Friend Like You

With A Friend Like You_MMP_PFP_CMYK

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Genre:  Children’s Fiction

Publisher: Orion

Publication dates:  July 2014; Aug 2015



Biography: I was a publisher for many years, acquiring and editing fiction and non-fiction, for most of the time at Penguin with various stop-offs at other publishers. I left to become a journalist and was soon writing non-fiction tie-ins to TV programmes such as Place in the Sun, Grand Designs and so on. Following that I began to collaborate on a number of ghost-writing projects working with a number of celebrities. After a while, having learned a lot about voice and structure, I decided to try writing my first novel, What Woman Want. I really only wanted to see if I could do it myself, only to discover that I really loved writing and now, five novels later, I still am. My latest With a Friend Like You is out in Paperback in August 2015. And my latest House of Dreams will be published in November 2015. In February 2015 I was thrilled to be part of the Galaxy Quick Reads initiative for which I wrote Red for Revenge.



Twitter handle:  @FannyBlake1


Location: London

Writer Superpowers: Publishing, journalism, writing fiction

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