Fiona Melrose


Fiona Melrose

Fiona Melrose


Book: Midwinter

Genre: Literary Fiction

Publisher: Corsair

Publication date: Nov 2016


Fiona Melrose was born in Johannesburg but has spent the majority of her adult life in the UK, first in London and then in East Anglia. She moved to Suffolk to concentrate on her writing and it is there that her debut MIDWINTER was conceived. Previously Fiona has worked in academia, NGO’s, public affairs and as an emerging markets analyst. She continues to keep a foot in both continents and is currently spending the majority of her time back in South Africa where she is completing her second novel.


Facebook page: FionaMelroseWriter

Twitter handle: @FMelroseWriter

Instagram: melrosefiona


Location: Johannesburg, London, Suffolk

Writer Superpowers (specialist subjects):

I am an ardent feminist and similarly interested in ideas of masculinity and its ideals. MIDWINTER is populated entirely by men. I am also a very earth bound writer, passionate about natural landscape and its effect on humanity and am concerned about a new generation losing touch with that it means to be human in relation to the natural world. I support animals rights and environmental and social justice. I am a strong advocate for the African continent and its literature.

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