Jane Lythell

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Cover WOTH

Publication dates:

Hardback and e-book: 14 July 2016

Paperback: 3 November 2016

Available here:



LOY Paperback Cover

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Genre: Psychological thriller

Publisher: Head of Zeus http://headofzeus.com/

Publication date(s)

  • e-book version: 1 December 2013
  • Trade paperback: 16 January 2014
  • Mass market paperback: 17 July 2014



BRIGHT After The Storm cover

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GenreLiterary fiction

PublisherHead of Zeus 

Publication date(s)

  • e-book version: 1 December 2014
  • Trade paperback: 7 January 2015
  • Mass market paperback: 4 June 2015


I live in Brighton, UK, and I’m a sea-lover, star-gazer, film and football fan. I once organised a complete retrospective of the films of Doris Day and my football team is Tottenham Hotspur.

I was a TV producer for 15 years. I left to become Deputy Director of the British Film Institute and later Chief Executive of BAFTA before joining the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for seven years. I now write full time. My third novel is set in a TV station. My second novel was described as Marine Noir and my first as a psychological thriller.

I love to hear from readers and you can find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Facebook pageJane Lythell author


Instagram: jane_lythell_writer

Location: Brighton, UK

Contact: Great to hear from you on Twitter @janelythell

Writer Superpowers 

Always happy to talk about film as I worked at the BFI and BAFTA. My PhD subject was the Hollywood Women’s Picture of the 1930’s. 40’s and 50’s and I know a lot about the Golden Age of Hollywood.

I’ve taken part in writer panel discussions on Obsessive Women; Domestic Noir; How to get published and Murder by the Sea.  I enjoy panel discussions across genres too as I think this can throw up interesting aspects of our work.

See Work with Us for collaboration ideas


9 thoughts on “Jane Lythell

  1. Reading about your Amazing past work experience & the subject of your phd certainly gives some insight into some of the reasons why your books are so exciting & descriptive. You really do have a great understanding of people. The 30’s , 40’s & 50’s films sounds Brilliant. I am fascinated by Randolph Hearst & Marion Davies. I usef to take a lot of people to his ‘otther castle’ (St. Donats) which is near where I live & is now Atlantic College but also a great Arts Centre. I have 13 of Marion Davies’ s films & loads of books about them. I find them such an interesting couple. I hope one day to go to his other castle at St. Simeon


  2. Great to hear from you Alan. I think it probably is the case that my work in film and television has influenced my writing. I tend to see the scenes very clearly and it’s almost like they are unspooling in my mind’s eye as I write them down.

    I was an avid cinema goer and then I studied film too, so a lot of my heroes are film directors like Hitchcock, Fritz Lang and William Wyler – such big characters!

    Randolph Hearst was a huge character too. You know a lot more about the films of Marion Davies than I do though, and I hadn’t realised Hearst had a castle here.


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