Rebecca Mascull

Book: The Visitors

Visitors paperback cover hi resGerman Visitors cover

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Genre: Historical fiction

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton


Book: The Song of the Sea Maid


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Genre: Historical fiction

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Publication Dates: June 2015

shipsBiography:  Rebecca Mascull is the author of two novels published by Hodder & Stoughton. THE VISITORS (2014) is the story of Adeliza Golding, a deaf-blind girl living on her father’s hop farm in Victorian Kent; it was nominated for the Edinburgh Festival First Book Award. SONG OF THE SEA MAID (2015) follows Dawnay Price, an C18th orphan who becomes a scientist and makes a remarkable discovery. Rebecca lives by the sea in the east of England with her partner Simon, their daughter Poppy and cat Tink. She has worked in education and has a Masters in Writing. She is currently writing her third novel for Hodder, set in the early twentieth century.

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Twitter handle@rebeccamascull

Location: Near to Grimsby, by the sea, in the east of England.

Other Places Online

Blog posts: Here are some representative posts I’ve written about my books and on other subjects

Writer Superpowers 

I’d be delighted to appear at festivals, bookshops, libraries, reading group meetings and other literary events. My specialisms would include:

  • historical fiction
  • literary fiction
  • narrative theory
  • the history of the novel
  • the writing process
  • research methods
  • interview techniques
  • the journey to publication.

I have a blog where I interview writers and analyse fiction. I am also available to write reviews, features, articles, blog posts and interview authors for other publications, such as newspapers, magazines and websites.

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