Antonia Honeywell

Book: The Ship

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Genre: Dystopian/ speculative literary fiction

Publisher: Weidenfeld and Nicolson

Publication date(s): UK Hardback Feb 2105


Antonia Honeywell began her career in the Education Department of the Natural History Museum in London. She went on to train as a teacher and led departments in a range of schools from a single-sex grammar to an Ofsted-failed inner city comprehensive. She lives in Buckinghamshire with her husband and four young children, where she reads, writes, bakes, makes jam and writes dark novels. Her debut novel, The Ship, was published in February 2015. She also co-founded and helps run two charities, The Wegeners Trust, to fund research into Wegeners Granulomatosis, a rare autoimmune condition from which her husband suffers, and Third Hope, working to rehabilitate former child soldiers in Uganda.

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Twitter handle@antonia_writes

Location: Buckinghamshire/London

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Literary themes: Dystopian fiction; impending apocalypse; father/daughter relationships; coming of age fiction.

General themes: motherhood; education; family life; coping with ill health within the family unit. Antonia is also ideally placed to talk about the value of perseverance and determination to anyone who dreams of being published.


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