Beth Miller

Book: When We Were Sisters

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Genre: Bookclub fiction; Commercial women’s fiction; Contemporary fiction

Publisher: Ebury Press

Publication date(s): Hardback published August 2014; paperback January 2015


Book: The Good Neighbour

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Genre: Bookclub fiction; commercial women’s fiction; contemporary fiction

Publisher: Ebury Press

 Publication date(s): Paperback to be published September 2015


Book: For the Love of the Archers

Genre: Non-fiction; humour

Publisher: Summersdale

 Publication date(s): October 2015

Biography:  Beth Miller’s first novel, When We Were Sisters, was recently published by Ebury Press. Her second novel, The Good Neighbour, will be published in September 2015, also by Ebury. She is currently writing her third novel, The Privacy Room, and is also working on a book about the world’s greatest radio show, called For The Love of The Archers. She is a columnist for The Chap magazine, and the rest of the time she runs courses about writing, works with fellow writers as their book coach, and drinks tea while staring vacantly into space. She has been a sex educator, alcohol counsellor, and inept audio-typist. She has a PhD in psychology, which has yet to come in handy.


Twitter handle@drbethmiller

Location: Sussex

Links to blog posts:

About writing my second novel:

About the recent floods in The Archers:

My literary love letter to Judy Blume:


Writer Superpowers:

Subjects I’m able to talk about: psychology (especially issues around mental health re my second book), unreliable narrators, journalism, column writing, teaching writing to children, families and kids, sexual health stuff, radio reviewing, er, The Archers

What makes me different? I have no fear about standing up in front of an audience and chatting away. My first job was as a psychology lecturer, talking to 300 students at a time, which knocked any terror out. Also, I’m quite funny. I have a psychology background. I have had about a million different jobs. I’m Jewish?!

Panels: God, anything – I have an opinion about everything. For festivals some of the events I’ve done and am doing later this year include: ‘Writing sizzling sex scenes’, ‘Dealing with rejection as a writer’ and ‘The Misty World of the Literary Agent – tips for approaching agents.’ I also run writing courses on ideas for stories, getting going on a novel, editing, plotting, dialogue, etc.

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