Graeme Shimmin

Book: A Kill in the Morning

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Genre: Spy Thriller / Alternate History / Science Fiction

Publisher: Bantam Press / Transworld

Publication date(s): Trade Paperback: June 2014; Mass Market Paperback: March 2015

About:  Graeme Shimmin was born in Manchester, and studied Physics at Durham University.

His successful consultancy career enabled him to retire at 35 to an island off Donegal and start writing. He has since returned to Manchester and completed an MA in Creative Writing.

The inspiration for A Kill in the Morning - his prizewinning first novel - came from Robert Harris’ alternate history novel, Fatherland, and his own love of classic spy fiction.


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Twitter handle: @LordShimbo

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Location: Manchester

Writer Superpowers (specialist subjects): My course ‘How to Get Started on Your Novel’, gets great feedback. I am not a believer in the ‘genius’ theory of writing or the idea that ‘you can’t teach creative writing’, so I avoid airy-fairy waffling and focus on battle-tested practical tips and processes that actually work.

I’ve read at a lot of events, and can perform both funny and uncanny pieces. Of course I’m always happy to read from A Kill in the Morning. See for a video of me reading.

For panels my specialist areas are the spy thriller and alternative history genres.

I’m also happy to produce articles on creative writing. I’ve had articles published on Forbes and Slate and my website, which features reviews and creative writing advice, was shortlisted for the Northern Blog Awards 2014.


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