Sarah Jasmon

Sarah Jasmon

Book: The Summer of Secrets

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Genre: Suspense, mystery, contemporary fiction

Publisher: Black Swan (Transworld)

Publication date(s): August 2015 (paperback, ebook and audio)

About:  Sarah Jasmon lives on a boat on the Leeds/Liverpool canal with two of her three children (the other is at uni), two dogs and two cats. She always knew she’d be a writer one day — it’s listed as her profession on her eldest daughter’s birth certificate, even though at the time she was still 21 years away from publication.

She realised during her divorce that she’d have to do something practical about her career, but instead took an MA in Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University after she read an article in a paper someone had left on the train. It paid off though: her MA novel, The Summer of Secrets, was pre-emptively bought by Transworld and will be published in August.

Described by Carys Bray (A Song for Issy Bradley) as ‘an evocative and atmospheric coming-of-age story’,  The Summer of Secrets is set along the banks of the canal and examines themes of friendship, loss and coming to terms with events in the past.



Facebook page: n/a

Twitter handle: @sarahontheboat

Location: On the Leeds/Liverpool canal, and in Manchester

Writer Superpowers (specialist subjects): I’m happy to talk about anything: the main problem is getting me to shut up. Specialist areas are:

  • Living on the canal
  • Bringing children up on a boat
  • Mental health issues in children
  • Yoga
  • Writing collaborations
  • Home education

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