Prime Writers

The Prime Writers is a diverse group of talented writers who have one thing in common: every one published thier first book when they were over the age of 40.



Prime Writers number more than 60, from all regions of the UK, including literary writers, writers of memoir, thrillers, romances, children’s fiction, historical fiction… you name it. Shortlisted for prizes, selected for book clubs, appeared at festivals and events. Prime writers draw on a vast reservoir of life experience to inform their writing and help and support each other in their publishing adventures. Prime Writers were, and in many cases still are teachers, scientists, doctors, lawyers, journalists, parents, carers – but they come together to celebrate, not only their achievements as writers, but the lives led to achieve that dream.

Whether you’re looking for your next read, assembling a panel for an event, or simply seeking inspiration for your own aspirations, The Prime Writers is your gateway to a wealth of talent and expertise.

Life Stages

People change. Usually these changes co-ordinate with time-worn phases of our lives. Careers shift, come to an end; children stop waking you up in the night, go to school, university; marriages collapse, health takes a blow. But sometimes you’re muddling along nicely and reach your forties and fifties alive, well and reasonably content. And then your partner, the woman who has been fitting her writing passion round children, her man and her job, lands an agent, lands a contract.


If you scroll down the list of Prime Writers you’ll be struck by the gender bias. But for once in the book world, it’s a bias in the right direction for those of us of a Shamsien bent. For women outnumber men by more than five to one.

We're particularly interested in refugee writers. We work with the Refugee Council and more recently Counterpoints Arts, which promotes greater understanding of migrants and refugees through the arts. In both we've met many artists, including writers, who are trying to establish careers in the UK. That is difficult at any age when you are building a new life in a new country, but especially if you are somewhat older, perhaps with family responsibilities.


Below is a list of each of the writers in the group, with book, publisher and/or contact information.

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